Benefits of Aloe Vera for Your Heart

detox-aloe-veraDetox Aloe Vera | For thousands of years, people from around the world have used aloe vera for everything from soothing sunburn to oral wounds! In recent years, research has suggested that the plant may boast even more health benefits thanks to the properties and compounds found in its leaves. A South Korean study reports that aloe vera supports the immune system.  Another study has indicated that aloe vera can fight harmful organisms in the digestive tract.

Aloe vera is great for flushing out toxins and waste from the digestive tract, which in turn helps the body to absorb nutrients more effectively. This also supports circulation and gets more oxygen-rich blood to cells throughout the body. Today, we’ll look at how aloe vera supports heart health.

Detox Aloe Vera & Blood Sugar

Recent studies have shown that aloe vera supported normal blood sugar in diabetic mice.  Researchers reported that 5 active compounds in aloe vera reduced fasting blood sugar levels in mice up to 64% when consumed for 28 days. The same mice showed about a 15% decrease in the A1C blood sugar levels. This is significant because high blood sugar increases the presence of free radicals in the blood. It also increases damage to LDL cholesterol, which can lead to arterial attacks and even the development of heart disease.

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Blood Pressure and Heart Help

It is hypothesized that aloe vera juice helps lower blood pressure and improve overall heart health in a number of ways: Because aloe vera juice contains a high amount of vitamin C, it enhances circulation and strengthens veins and arteries.

Other nutrients in aloe vera juice help to dilate the capillaries and boost blood oxygenation, thereby offering therapeutic benefits on the cardiovascular system.

In one study of more than 5,000 patients over five years, successful results were reported after administering aloe vera combined with psyllium fiber to participants. Aside from reductions in total cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar levels, the following results were noted:

  • There was a decrease in frequency of angina attacks during the study period and patients had their drug dosages gradually reduced over time.
  • By the end of the study, 85 percent of the patients had their heart rhythm return to normal on an ECG.
  • A total of 2,151 of the patients were originally diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure); all of the patients taking beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, or diurectic medications to treat their hypertension and angina had to have their medication reduced to at least half their prescribed dosages.

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Here’s a summary of the six health benefits of aloe vera juice for your heart, based on the cited research reports:

  1. Lowers LDL cholesterol
  2. Increases HDL cholesterol
  3. Reduces triglycerides
  4. Lowers blood pressure
  5. Stabilizes heart rhythm
  6. Reduces occurrence of chest pain (angina) attacks

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